Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sleep over and bath time with our buds!

One night the Russells were knocking on our front door and wanted to have a sleep over and a Austin Power movie marathon.We had the best time ever.I am so glad that Berlyn has friends like Brigham and Olivia. You can tell that Berlyn went crazy that night!


Szobonya Bercel said...

Milyen nagy mar Berlyn haja! annyira cuki, olyan szep lanyka! Es hogy tud nevetni!Imadom :)

Travis and Tyra Russell said...

So cute Bea! Those pictures are so good. Now we hold on to them and embarras the kids when they are older. lol. We had a blast too!

maticsfamily said...

Ez a lány úgy nő, mint a gomba. :) Nagyon aranyos!!! :)

Familie Waschnig said...

milyen jo, hogy teszzel fel kepeket!
Nagyon csodaszep a kislanyka!
Remelem, hogy minden rendben van veled Beus!