Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Berlyn a whole 5 weeks

Trying out tummy time.

It's a blob, it's a turd, NO, It's Superbaby!

Just hanging out, getting some R&R in front of the tube.

On the 28th of April our little one started to smile at us finally, and not because she just filled up her diaper with a big surprise.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Russian Fun, comrade

So, Bea was surfing the Interweb and found this Russian page where you can stick your pictures in funny spots. I am thinking that they may not have heard of photo shop yet, but it is still pretty fun to play around with. This would be Russian Parlament or whatever you call it.
Some random billboard.

Some weird kids checking out posters of Bea.

There was one more she did of me plastered all over a virtually naked girl, but I used my better judgment and decided not to post that one here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More of Berlyn

Berlyn just checking her bulging biceps out. Hercules, Hercules!

Just after bath time, so fresh and so clean clean!

So, Kaya is always wanting to check our Berlyn. She will inch her way to get closer and closer to her. She stares and does a lot of sniffing, with wide eyes. I have concluded that either she is being protective and is really interested in Berlyn and the new smells and what not or she wants to eat her. That is the only other time I have seen her act like that, is around food.
Spencer and Celinda's baby, Abby. What a happy kid, she kept posing for the camera.

Bet you can't guess, it took me a while to remember what she was doing here.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Berlyn's Second Doctor Visit

Well, we went to Berlyn's second doctor visit thinking that she might have gained a few ounces or something. They threw her on the scale and from her birth weight she gained exactly a pound, more if you count the fact that she lost quite a bit at first. She is gonna be a little chubster. Oh, and she grew an inch too? That isn't all that exact, but still.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Berlyn a Whole Two Weeks Old!

Look at that round face. Startin' to turn into a chubby wubby, and not a lick of looks from her daddy.

Don't know what she is doing with that arm; maybe she has an imaginary friend or something. It's funny how you have to throw yourself in front of their gaze otherwise they would never be looking at you.

Now, ain't that just adorable?!
Grab and force that head to look the right way! She has got a strong neck for a little booger, she can turn that thing this way and that.
Woohoo! There it is! I finally found it! It's the only thing that she got from daddy. Look at that thing, it definitely didn't come from mammy. I am quite proud to be able to pass on that well-known ginormous tongue I have. From me, it's the best thing she could have gotten!