Tuesday, May 12, 2009



Let me tell you, we had a great time with the Russell's again! We went to Christopher Creek and we stayed at their cabin. We were going to camp out, but we could not find a good camping spot after driving around for 2 hours . There are so many rules and regulations for campers that we finally gave up.
The kids slept in the cabin but we put up our tent in the backyard and slept in it. We had so much fun and we laughed a lot!
Brigham and Berlyn were such good pals.


karis stapley said...

How fun! LOoks like you had a blast! I love camping!

Familie Waschnig said...

HO,ho ho! Hova lett a szakalad Lafe telapo? :-D

Travis and Tyra Russell said...

Such cute pictures! That was so much fun! I am ready for the next trip! So glad we have awesome friends like you guys! Lovies!

Kriszta M said...

te jó ég, mekkora lett ez a lány!!!!!!! :) hihetetlenül megnőtt, és olyan nagylányos lett! :) De írtó édi még mindig! Tessék róla többször képet feltenni!
Meg írni nekem emailt. hogy mi újság van mostanság!