Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fantasy Stories at Their Best

So anyway, I ran across this ariticle on MSN, which normally I wouldn't give a second look, cause hey, it's MSN, but it was talking about the worst blogs they could dig up. So, I investigated and am I glad I did. The adventures of Pat O'Neil is a must see. He writes quite a bit, but if you just randomly pick a sentence you can't seem to go wrong. Just a sampling of the greatness you will encounter, "I had begun to learn about the evils of meth and of ninjas, especially the evils of ninjas with meth. That's some kind of super crazy evil I can't even begin to describe." I mean, only a genius could write something like this.... or maybe a genius with meth. And this is just the beginning. If you are bored and looking for some entertainment you won't be disappointed. That is all.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

High chair

She is not too happy on this picture. I don't know what happend to her, sometimes she's just Miss Serius. :) I couldn' t make her smile! :(

Crazy one!!!!

Berlyn loves popsicles.

Berlyn's first Halloween !

Berlyn is sitting up! (finally)

Our new back yard!

Lafe is a handsome-handy guy! Thank you so much for this BEA-utiful back yard!