Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My # One's 1st Birthday!

Berlyn was adorable! She loved her cake as you see, she was so happy to see her present, everything was perfect.

I cannot believe how fast time goes by. She was just a tiny new born and now she is trying to walk. She is the greatest blessing in our life. She is so funny and she has a really special personality ( that's what everybody is telling me so far). We enjoy every minute with her.

Just a few things about her:
-She loves her plush animals, she gives them hugs all the time.
-She likes watching Baby Einstein DVDs.
-She is pointing at everything and wants us tell her what it is.
-She likes watching me dance.
-She adores her Daddy! I can not give Lafe a hug without her pushing me away from him.
-She understands a lot of words (in Hungarian of course). She already says: dog, milk, eat in Hungarian. The only thing that she says in English is bye-bye.
-She shakes her head if she does not want something (which is better than screaming but she does it a lot).
-She sings in her car seat (so cute).
-She loves books and she can point at things in the book. Sometimes I see her reading a book, she is pointing and talking at the same time! She is so smart!!!
OK, I guess that's it. I guess I am just a proud Mom.