Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Berlyn Two Months

-Hey Berlyn,
-Do you wanna go for a walk?
( Hej Berlyn, akarsz menni setalni?)

She loves going for a walk, she gets so excited when she sees the stroller, ha-ha-ha, I am just kidding, she probably really doesn't care as long as she isn't bored.
Oh, and I put a blanket on her, just in case, you know she could freeze, it is Arizona afterall:)
( Szeret menni setalni, teljesen izgatott lesz, mikor meglatja a babakocsit, aaa, nem is, csak viccelek am, csak annyira erdekli, hogy ne unatkozzon. Es igen, raktam ra takarot, nehogy megfagyjon, ez meg is csak Arizona)

When she plays with her hands and puts them in her mouth she gags sometimes, so I put that toy in her hand.
(Amikor a kezeivel jatszik, akkor neha ledugja oket, es hany, szoval a kezebe raktam egy jatekot)

She loves tummy time...for about two minutes, then she reacts as seen in the photo above
(Szeret a hasan tolteni az idot, kb. ket percig. Aztan az tortenik, ami a fenti kepen lathato.)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The typical path of digression

Not a care in the world, happy as can be

Not quite sure, somewhere between a smile and a "it's getting old now"

The infamous eye rub,

it's coming... wait for it...wait...

And here it is, the crying

And finally, of course, out like a light

Berlyn hitting 7 weeks

Kaya watching over tummy time

Just having a good ol' time

Momma said, "knock you out!"