Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween party

It was a good ol' time with a costume contest and a pumpkin carving contest. Some of us thought we had pretty good costume ideas then Rob walked in as a terrorist, and well, who can compete with that.

Baby "Berlyn's" first couple of set of clothes. We were getting a little excited so we decided that we would get some small things... a onesie, a little dress, a crib and a dresser. Ok, so we got a little carried away.

I am so jealous, these things have to be so comfortable!

New dresser, changing table thingy, and of course the new crib.

Rocky, Stacey and us at a Suns game. It was a really good game, up until we lost.
I got a picture of Marion putting down an alley oop. What can I say? I am an awesome photographer.

Camping near Strawberry

So Becca's family invited us to go camping with them and it was about time we got out and went camping. It was very much needed. In the middle of the night the dogs started getting all crazy so I went outside to see if it was something I could shoot. A herd of elk came walking through our camp. When i turned on the my light I think I scared the bull elk he gave out a call and all his cows went running to him.
Oh, and as we were leaving to go home about a mile out of camp we got a flat tire, and it was dark of course.

This is us with Becca and Sydney.