Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Surprise Birthday

Anyway, so on my birthday my dad tells me we need to meet up with the owner of Golfland to discuss another project we are going to do for them. We go over at about 3:30 which is late and I wanna get home. I thought people were coming over for a BBQ. Anyway, in walks Bea, Cosmo and Jenn, Wood, and Sean with an ice chest. Chunk and Sloth showed up a little bit later. So they proceed to set up this cake right there. I don't know how she did such a good job of setting me up, but it was way good, I was completely clueless.

Just a few shots of the fun we had. This is Cosmo coming down the Bonsai (or "Bonzi" as they call it). He cheated everytime he raced down. Jerk.

All of us screwing around after coming down the tube slides.

Look at the intense concentration on his face...all for a kids balancing game. Keep up the hard work Cosmo, one day it will get you somewhere.

Oh Wood, we shook him right off the lily pads. Good times.

Trip to Dick and Erica's

So, for my birthday we decided to take a trip to Buffalo. It had been forever since we had gone anywhere, what with being pregnant and having a baby. We were really scared of what Berlyn would do on the flight, but she slept both ways and never made a sound. Here is her first flight ever.

When we got there it was good times. Ella wanted a cookie that we were all eating and she stuffed the whole thing in her mouth and then chewed it all up and decided she didn't want it anymore and spit it out in Erica's hand. Eww gross. We made Erica hold it in her hand while we got the cameras, she wasn't too happy bout that.

While we were there we had to try out the Bumbo chair. Berlyn got a kick out of it.

The weather was really nice a couple of days while we were there and we went to Crystal beach in Cananada. It was nice, but Richard and I went out to this old pier and jumped off and we tried to swim back the long way. Richard did fine, I, on the other hand, almost drowned. Good times.

Later we decided to go to Marine Land in Canada and the weather wasn't so nice. It rained and hailed like crazy, so we spent a good hour hiding under and over hang, and then left. "Everyone loves Marine Land!"

We stopped in at Mr. Potato Heads and got my favorite Canadian food, Poutine! It of course washed away the sadness from not being able to go to Marine Land.

Then we stopped off at the falls to take a quick pic. Ooooh, look at all the water!

Then on our last day we went to eat at Friendly's, it was pretty good. They surprised me with song and ice cream at the end. Song = not so good, ice cream = delicious.

If you would like to see a much much better version of our trip go to Dick and Erica's blog. She is the blogging queen. We are definitely not worthy!